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Masked Men

A few friends and I decided to put on a show for some gentlemen.  Some didn’t want their faces shown, so we gave them masks.  We could tell each guy apart by the animal mask he was wearing.  We had lions and tigers and bears, oh my.  The guys got great head from me and my two friends, and we put on a show that didn’t involve any guys at all.  I posted some teaser images for you.  These masked men gave us one hell of a workout, and my friends and I all went home happy.  See the rest of our hot orgy at Brandi Belle where we take cock after cock in these pictures.

Toy Shopping

I don’t like to order my toys online, so I have to make an occasional pilgrimage to the local sex shop.  Everyone is friendly there, and they think it’s cute when play on the sex swing.  I just couldn’t find a toy that suited me, so I headed into the back and sneaked into one of the glory hole rooms.  I was giggling and joking with my best friend when I hear a rustling in the next room.  This big, hard cock slides through the hole.  We giggled and I was a little nervous about doing anything, but after some touching and sucking, I warmed right up.  It turns out that there’s plenty of room in there to bend over and take it too.  Turns out I did find a toy I wanted to play with.  See how dirty I got with the rest of these photos at Brandi Belle.

Tease and Play

I love being an exhibitionist and teasing a little before I play, and there’s nothing like toys to do the teasing.  I ran my toys over my body and played with my tight pussy until he just couldn’t stand waiting.  Then I took his hard rod and slid it deep down into my throat.  He was obviously impressed with my tongue and mouth, even when I took it really slow.  He finished off by spraying his load onto my face and tits.  Don’t I just look so hot covered in jizz?  I love having that creamy, salty mess all over me.  There are a ton more photos from this set, and they get XXX all the way.  Go to Brandi Belle to see the rest.

A Sexy Party

I was having a few girls over, and as usual, my friends brought some guys for entertainment.  We had so much fun fooling around and being sexy.  My photographer is always there for these parties.  You can see all the wild sex and fun at  Brandi Belle .

Big Eyes

I’m so surprised that with all my assets, my eyes are my most popular features.  Guys just love it when I look up at them, their dick in my mouth, with my big doe eyes.  I put a few pictures of them here, but this whole set gets much wilder over at Brandi Belle !